About My Safe Zone

The brainchild of an anxiety attack sufferer, and survivor, My Safe Zone has been developed to assist people during times of high anxiety or panic.

Knowing how many anxiety sufferers can be triggered by “signs” they see in the universe, My Safe Zone was developed as a subscription based service to ensure no adverts that could trigger anxiety more would be shown.

My Safe Zone is more than just an app though. Supported by a website and social media presence that provides alternative advice for Anxiety and Panic sufferers, we explore multiple ways to relieve and live with anxiety.

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Our Clients

At the core of our business, it’s not just about building websites, but about nurturing relationships. Our clients hold immense significance to us, and we strive to transform them into long-term partners whenever feasible.

Collaboration is key in our work. We value their insights and aspirations, as they play a vital role in shaping the ideal solution for their needs.

Feel free to explore our client portfolio see the experience we bring to the table as trusted partners for some of our esteemed associates.

Our Team

The company benefits greatly from the vast knowledge and skills brought by two seasoned IT professionals who have dedicated their careers to technology. With a collective experience of more than five decades, they are the driving force behind the digital industry.

Warren Haley

Data Expert & Developer

Warren works with our biggest client as a PowerBI Data Analyst and Data expert. He has been consulting with them for over 10 years.

Bridget Haley

Director, Risk Taker

Bridget is a front-end developer, WordPress Enthusiast, Project Manager, Certified Microsoft PowerBI Data Analyst, Director and all round professional.